New Zealand consists of relatively small islands resulting in growing conditions that are marine-influenced. Most of the vineyards lie in coastal areas, warmed during the day by clear sunlight and cooled at night by sea breezes. It lies in latitudes that are roughly equivalent to those of the great wine growing regions of Europe, ranging from those like some of the warmer areas of Spain in the northern end of the country to that similar to Germany in the south.

Although the New Zealand wine industry dates back to 1819 it has evolved dramatically during the past thirty to 40 years. There are now about 700 wineries, each with a burning passion to produce premium quality, distinctive wines. The whites are noted for their intensity of fruit and crisp acidity. The cooler climate reds of the North Island, especially the Bordeaux-styled blends and the pinot noirs display a silky soft finesse, in contrast to other New World blockbuster reds. It is now considered by many to be the world's finest producer of sauvignon blanc and it is achieving increasing international success with pinot noir.​

Even though export figures are showing impressive growth, the New Zealand wine industry remains a small player in world terms, a position that it is happy to keep. Quality is seen as being more important than quantity in its attempt to carve out its own niche in the world market.​

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